Sarah Di Maria Poole is a freelance make-up artist and licensed hairdresser in Los Angeles, CA. She developed her make-up skills at CMC Make-Up School in Santa Ana, CA, where she mastered TV & Film make-up techniques. She then attended Making Beauty Academy in Milan, Italy, and specialized in era make-up, concentrating on the distinct styles of the 1920’s-1970’s.

After 3 years of mastering make-up, Sarah took her passion for beauty to the next level and attended Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Santa Monica, CA where she studied precision cutting and coloring, styling, and went on to obtain her cosmetology license. She also attended specialized courses at the renowned Aldo Coppola Academy in Milan, Italy. Sarah has been working in Los Angeles as a Senior Stylist at Rust Salon in Hollywood off of Melrose since 2014.

Growing up in an artistic ‘Italo-American’ family in between the U.S. and Italy, Sarah has been submerged in two different cultures. She spent her summers in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy, where she developed an eye for high fashion, art, and natural beauty; while spending her adolencence in Los Angeles, she developed a love for artistic expression, rock and roll, and american pop culture.

While Sarah believes that precision and consistency are a must in the art of hair and make-up, she also believes that originality and creativity are necessary to make your mark in the world.


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